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Crossfade Effect




  • Official comment
    Grant Glas

    This is gaining traction on our roadmap. We are scoping the development effort because it will require a TVOS update as well.

  • Chris Adams

    I know this is planned, but just want to chime in that this would open Playlister up as a digital signage option for us in many areas.  For now, repurposing an old Mac Mini with photo apps or propresenter for looping slide shows still wins for us since volunteers don't manage our digital signage and it is more effort to make video slideshows and update them than it is to throw slides onto a computer and loop a slide show with transitions.

    Bonus points if we can choose between crossfade and slide (with customizable slide direction) :)

  • Tyler Strausbaugh

    We had feedback come in from this past weekends gatherings using Playlister, and having the ability to add a cross-dissolve or another transition style other than cutting would help efficiently solve the problem we had.

  • Will Polley

    I'm not sure if y'all are using a framework which is requiring a tvOS update, but various dissolving and fading animations have been a part of SwiftUI for a really, really long time. Since the beginning of SwiftUI really.

    I would think implementing those APIs would be decently straight forward if Screen is a native app.

    Can't wait to see some transitions available to take our digital signage to the next level. Heart Emoji.

  • Jason Wiebe

    I've been hoping for a cross-dissolve feature to help soften the transitions. Looks like others have had the same idea. Looking forward to seeing this one come to life! Love the work you guys are all doing!

  • Grant Glas

    This is actively being designed. 😀 We want to ensure the UI in the Playlist Manager is subtle and avoid adding complexity to that area.


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