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Playlist Organization on TV Screen

Not planned



  • Will Polley

    Maybe introduce the concept of top-level series or topics with album covers? I think one level would be fine to start with

    I almost made a new feature request today.

    This is becoming a big pain point on screens which are used several days during the week with content from several studies, trainings, etc. Hard to navigate with 15+ playlists on the screen.

  • John Evans

    Will, we are getting ready to start group content in our Next Steps rooms and will probably have 30+ playlists per screen. Some for staff lead environments and a bunch more for volunteer lead ones. I love this idea a ton.

  • Tyler Strausbaugh

    We have 42 Playlists across 5+ ministry's and are receiving internal feedback and feeling the tension of having too many Playlists in 1 list on the Home Screen. It would be extremely helpful to have some kind of folder organization, color coding the playlists name based on the Tag color, or separate alphabetical lists on the Home Screen to organize and separate out our ministry's content to avoid confusion and mistakes.


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